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Unfortunately the progam has been discontinued since 2009. Spirits, however, are still high. So contact us, if you have ideas, remarks or just want to talk.


Year 2012: charging your electric vehicle (EV) has just become effortless. Why? FCPs (fast charging points) have popped up everywhere: next to supermarkets and along highways. The bright ReCharge sign indicates FCPs are available, ready to charge. Positioning your car above the system is as simple as parking in a regular parking space. The unique triple disc design is retracted flush with the carpark. The system will engage automatically and will never expose electrical parts. In less than 15 minutes your car display or phone will inform you that the battery is fully charged, so you can continue your busy day. All this can happen whilst you are doing other things, there is no need to stay with your vehicle. The ReCharge system facilitates charging of fleets of vehicles with relatively few charging outlets. The FCP uses a battery as a buffer; enhancing compatibility with wind and solar energy by reducing maximum load on the grid.

"recharge car, body and soul in 15 minutes"


EVs are an optimal solution for personal mobility; safe, clean and affordable, but a system is needed to propel them beyond a single charge range. ReCharge solves this problem and goes beyond. It increases the appeal of EVs, facilitating the transition from obsolete dirty, unsustainable petrol systems to a positive social and environmental solution. ReCharge's simplicity and elegance revolutionises the user experience. Other propositions for charging are flawed. The large numbers of off-street, slow charging points required cannot be implemented rapidly, nor does it solve the range issue. Battery swapping requires standardisation which limits it to 'island markets'. With battery charging technologies rapidly improving, extensive battery swapping infrastructures will be outdated by a versatile upgradeable system such as ReCharge. By allowing rapid charging via modular attachment to any shape or form of EV and battery, without standardisation, the ReCharge system encourages innovation.
"propel yourself beyond a single charge range"


An international multidisciplinary team of 5 students commenced ReCharge in 2008 as part of a minor in Sustainable Design. Extensive research led to a business plan that proved its feasibility. Brainstorming, sketching, scenarios and modelling sent us in many different directions, each presenting its own difficulties. The very moment the triple disc design was coined the decision was unanimous. The project finished and received media attention for its clean and simple resolution of the problem. Thus, motivation was high to continue on an extracurricular level to fine-tune all components, from interfaces to mechanical systems. The system was invited to display at the Amsterdam Motor Show in April and more public exhibition dates are scheduled for Sept and Oct'09. The team disbanded (geographically), but the dream lives on, as we continue refining the design, meeting digitally and gaining team members. We are all firm believers in the unique system's future place in sustainable mobility.
"team Awesome!"