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Hybrids, Plug-In Hybrids or fully electric - while major car companies are focusing on hybrids to introduce a transition, new start-ups make a giant leap and build streetlegal fully electric vehicles (EV) already. AwesomeMobility ReCharge serves Plug-In Hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and EVs.

To use the ReCharge system a component has to be installed on the base of each car. For the early adopter the component will be provided and installed by AwesomeMobility free of charge. With the ReCharge system gaining acceptance, car producer's are encouraged to design their batteries (which is usually located on the bottom of the car for better car dynamics) such, that it already incorporates the plug.
"free upgrade for your EV"

So you wonder how to improve that incredible Tesla Roadster shown in the video above? How about losing that ugly plug, shown in the beginning? Move it out of side and with it move thinking about charging out of thought.

Even strange (and wonderful) designs like the Aptera (above right) can be charged with ReCharge.

"drive cars of the future now"