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Amsterdam, April 2009 - The second prototype was presented at the AutoRai'09. It displayed the AwesomeMobility state very well, not meeting expectations but showing great potential and leaving us with big plans.

When Elmer van Grondelle, Program Manager Automotive at TU Delft, contacted us in order to join the CMMN stand of Natuur&Milieu motivation was high to build a prototype which would far exceed the one presented at the TU Delft in late 2008. Rotating, smoothly swivelling, moving up and down, starting and stopping it should present the system as the user would experience it. Soon cutbacks had to be made.
"swivel, swooosh ..." *sigh*

During the design phase it already occurred that linking the two discs would save a lot of trouble. This resulted in a single pass which the plug could travel but all was needed was an indication.

The problems the electronics caused were well underestimated. Henk build a circuit with some external help which would eventually work and after a wild ride in the 2CV a motor strong enough was found. That was essential because a lot of friction occurs in the model.

The up an down movement of the plug could not be made reliable enough to show it at the AutoRai. Together with the slide-show displayed next to the model however only minor questions had to be asked by the visitors.

Overall it taught us a great deal about prototyping, proper design and time management and with the demand still existing for a working model the motivation is high to produce one that represents the actual product authentically. The new model is planned for October 2009.