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The buffer battery is a super-sized electricity storage in between the grid and multiple fast charging points. It is necessary to provide enough cars during peak hours with electricity while using the existing grid infrastructure.
While the buffer batteries can slowly draw energy from the grid, it can quickly deliver huge amounts to the cars.

Next to the advantage that the existing grid can be used for this system, it actually enhances the grid: The energy usage varies largely throughout the day, but power-plants (whether it is powered by biofuel or fossil fuels) run most efficient under constant conditions and wind or solar energy cannot be produced constantly enough. Being able to store large amounts of energy will therefore relieve power-plants, while increasing feasibility of solar and wind power.
enhancing the existing grid

Preliminary calculations showed that using a 400kWh battery is good.

More details about e.g. which type of battery and predicted development in this field can be taken from our report