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First issue addressed was the charging time. Epyon, a company specialised in fast charging any kind of Li-Ion battery, can fully charge 20kWh in 15 minutes, claiming to bring it down to five minutes until 2015.

Even though 15 minutes for a pit-stop is slightly longer than the average refueling, we considered it to be a feasible time for several reasons:
  • Only when the battery is fully discharged it is necessary to stand for 15 minutes. This however only happens after driving for a long period, about two hours. After that time car clubs and traffic departments advise a break of 15 minutes anyway in order to move your limbs, relax and get some fresh air - basically recharging soul, body and mind.

  • An actual waiting time rarely occurs, because with the ReCharge system fully operational your car is charged while you take care of your life, e.g. doing groceries, attending a meeting or getting food at McDonalds. Instead of you bending your schedule to refuel, the car does it whenever possible.

  • For many people 15 minutes seem like a long time wasted, e.g. when waiting for the train or bus. However people accept it when flying or queuing for a roller-coaster. All that needs to be done is to change people's perception by offering worthwhile activites; and there are plenty. The question really becomes 'What can't you do in 15 minutes?'
"recharge soul, body and mind"