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During one of our sessions we realised that we ran into a major problem: withthe user being absolutely freed from charging his car he gained fifteen minutes of life, but what to do with it?

Well, here is the outcome of the followed brainstorm:
  • Internet
  • Autonomous car drops driver off at nice place and seeks it charging point. returns when done or called
  • Multiple plugs to allow a stand time longer than charging time
  • above allows optimal charge division between cars depending on pre-paid parking ticket
  • Video cabins
  • Park benches
  • Themed recharge stations for soul, body and mind
  • exhaust kids for the next two hours
  • spa, massages
  • juice bar, coffee machines (innocent)
  • single-bar, since most people drive alone (meet'n'greet)
  • write down what you were thinking the past two hours
  • kinder surprise
  • go-kart
  • pre-historic petrol sniffing
  • gym where by exercising you can charge batteries
  • read a book/magazine/newspaper
  • download new music for next 2 hours
  • punching bag
  • take a dump and a shower
  • competition: how many watts can you get in 15 minutes?
  • competition: exercise to raise priority of your charging vehicle
  • doors (to prehistoric and new era)
  • open-air (platform, tower)
  • watch cars from behind glass (airport style)
  • bridges with activities (people just love bridges)
  • take a walk
  • explorer path
  • stay in moving car like in a haunted house
"recharge soul, body and mind"
So next time you are using AwesomeMobility's ReCharge and wonder what to do, remember this list. Seriously though, it helped us developing our scenarios and to keep in mind that the future mobility needs to lose today's stressful attitude.
"no, seriously"